This is How Cadillac takes the Luxury Crown from the Germans

When thinking luxury automobiles, we typically think German. Audi, BMW and Mercedes have been the kings of craftsmanship going on a decade now. It is now Cadillac's time to dethrone the Germans and reclaim the title of greatest luxury auto manufacturer. However, if General Motors (GM) wants to slay the… »12/24/13 12:36pm12/24/13 12:36pm

Watch some crazy Germans crash a Golf into a fake warthog

Surely the content of this article can't match the headline? Yes it can. Unfortunately the voiceover for this clip is in German, but that doesn't matter. The German automobile club, ADAC, decided to conduct a series of crash tests where they lined up a MkIII and MkIV Golf against a family of fake warthogs just to… »5/11/13 5:54am5/11/13 5:54am