Look Mom, I'm On TV!

I watched the CBS broadcast of the Pirelli World Challenge GT races from St. Petersburg last night. At the very end, they were showing random shots from the weekend as they were wrapping up the broadcast, and there I was. In case you can’t figure it out, I’m the dork on the far right.


Good Morning, Oppo.

To get your Sunday started, enjoy this video I took yesterday. This is every car in the Pirelli World Challenge GT/GTA/Cup race swinging through the final corner in St. Petersburg. At this point in the race, everyone was spread out just enough so you really get an earful of each car as they jump on the gas. Turn it up…


Captain Oblivious 

In the paddock on Friday morning, this gentleman was painfully unaware of the R8 trolling him for about 20 feet after it crept up on him. I grabbed my camera and grabbed a shot right before the driver lost his patience and gunned the engine while rolling in neutral. Captain Oblivious got the crap scared out of him,…

Cars On Track Now!

They are taunting me. I can hear cars on track right now in St. Petersburg. Word on the street is that you can just walk on in today as the paddock is getting set and watch whatever is out doing practice runs. But I’m not able to head down there. Too much to do to prepare for spending the next three days down there.

Off To The Races!

The Grand Prix Of St. Petersburg is this weekend, is anyone else going? We’ll be there all weekend as it’s just a short walk from our house! It’s the IndyCar season opener, plus you get Pirelli World Challenge, Indy Lights, Pro Mazda, USF2000, and the awesomely ridiculously awesome Stadium Super Trucks. Three days of…