These Are The 65 Democrats That Support A Bill To Allow Car Dealers To Charge People Of Color More Than White Customers...

Below are the names of the 65 jackasses who don’t see anything wrong with the practice of car dealers charging non-white customers more for vehicles, than those that are white. The bill, written by those dreamy idealists known as Republicans, would nullify regulations put in place by the Consumer Financial Protection… »11/17/15 3:35pm11/17/15 3:35pm

Quick Overview: Japanese Day at the Larz Anderson Museum

Yes, that really is an Autozam AZ-1! I didn’t know what to expect from Japanese Day at the Larz Anderson Museum, but I was pleasantly surprised. The cars, for the most part, would inevitably be less expensive than their $100,000+ German Day counterparts. But would they be less interesting? Of course not! Sure, there… »10/22/15 1:16pm10/22/15 1:16pm