Spending Time With an Icon: The Acura NSX

Over the past year, I’ve been lucky enough to drive some of the coolest cars on the planet and live out my boyhood dreams. I drove a Viper TA which was once a poster hanging on my bedroom wall, I drove an honest to god supercar when McLaren dropped off a 650S, and the absolutely incredible Morgan Three-Wheeler. I’ve… » 5/20/15 1:29pm Wednesday 1:29pm

Our 2007 Pilot Cleans Up Rather Well!

This is our Pilot. It has been the family car since we bought in 2006. It’s seen two moves; loaded with four dogs, four people, and luggage. It’s seen countless Christmas trees both inside and on it (don’t ask). Furniture. Killing deer. It’s done it all. And today was it’s time to shine. It got its first real detailed… » 5/05/15 2:06pm 5/05/15 2:06pm

New York International Auto Show Day One: #Blessed To Be At #NYIAS

When I was just a wee lad growing up in the green mountains of Vermont there was a car show that took place every June just 20 minutes from home. It was a pretty good size show and featured everything from a Model T to a hot rodded hearse. Even then I felt very lucky to have been exposed to what I thought was a very… » 4/02/15 10:00am 4/02/15 10:00am

Honda's Big Surprise Is A Truly Worldwide Civic, Type-R For U.S.

For years, us Americans have toiled under a separate paradigm. We got one Civic, while most parts of the world received another one. Today, that changes. This is the first global Civic, and it’s a bigger deal than you think. Oh, and we’ll be getting the Type-R, too. » 4/01/15 2:22pm 4/01/15 2:22pm