Mercedes G550 - The Bad Joke That's Funny Again.

You know those jokes that are kinda funny at first, then they keep going and and you think “man, they are really doubling down here on this joke”...then they keep going and turns kinda sad, but THEN something strange happens as they keep going and their sheer persistence turns your grumpy frown upside down and you… »10/20/15 4:37pm10/20/15 4:37pm

VW Beetle: Irrefutable Design Theft (Germans LAZY, God Forgets Patent)

The Bombardier beetle is a finely engineered bio-mechanical machine which deliberately mixes precise amounts of hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinones, and uses a rapidly moving valve system. It’s tiny internal “engine” produces 500 tiny explosions in their backside each second. The explosion exits through a specially… »5/02/15 4:25pm5/02/15 4:25pm

You Might Be A V Owner If ....

A few years ago, I joined a forum for serious modders of Cadillac V model. Their accomplishments reads like a who' who of amateur Cadillac racing firsts: Worlds Fastest V, Worlds Quickest V, Worlds Most Powerful Daily Driver, first V over 200MPH in the standing mile, etc., etc., etc. Just for fun we started a… »3/29/15 1:44pm3/29/15 1:44pm