VW Beetle: Irrefutable Design Theft (Germans LAZY, God Forgets Patent)

The Bombardier beetle is a finely engineered bio-mechanical machine which deliberately mixes precise amounts of hydrogen peroxide and hydroquinones, and uses a rapidly moving valve system. It’s tiny internal “engine” produces 500 tiny explosions in their backside each second. The explosion exits through a specially… »5/02/15 4:25pm

You Might Be A V Owner If ....

A few years ago, I joined a forum for serious modders of Cadillac V model. Their accomplishments reads like a who' who of amateur Cadillac racing firsts: Worlds Fastest V, Worlds Quickest V, Worlds Most Powerful Daily Driver, first V over 200MPH in the standing mile, etc., etc., etc. Just for fun we started a… »3/13/15 5:20pm