Southern Section of Keystone XL Pipeline Now Operational

TranCanada Corp. has opened all the valves of the southern section of their Keystone XL pipeline, traveling from Cushing, Oklahoma to Houston-area refineries. The Canadian energy firm filed a permit with the U.S. Government five years ago to build the northern section, from Ft. McMurray, Alberta to Cushing, Oklahoma.… »12/10/13 11:46am12/10/13 11:46am

Obama set to okay pipeline, former insider says, as poll shows support

According to reporting by The Globe and Mail, U.S. President Barack Obama will "almost certainly" approve the Keystone XL pipeline. The claim was made by David Gordon, a former State Department Director of Policy and Planning during the Bush administration, on a recent visit to Ottawa. Read the full story here. »4/22/13 12:42pm4/22/13 12:42pm