For Your Listening Pleasure - European V8 Touring Cars

Below are some videos I’ve seen over the past few years showcasing the sounds and cars of the Italian V8 Superstars/Euro V8 Series cars. This series features some of the coolest cars racing in the world, it’s a shame there isn’t a lot of money in the series. I think this would be an excellent replacement for the… » 5/15/15 7:20pm 5/15/15 7:20pm

How Would You Spec Your 2016 F-Type?

Yesterday, my name sharing counterpart of Truck Yeah! fame wrote a great piece about the 2016 Jaguar F-Type and more specifically the addition of a manual transmission for the U.S. market. I literally got goosebumps as he described the perfect F-Type S scenario and extolled the virtues of being the kind of person who… » 5/14/15 12:30pm 5/14/15 12:30pm

Topping-Off Part 2: How to properly fill up your gas tank.

In response to my last post about why you should’t Top-Off your gas tank, and the damage to your car that can result from it, I found out that apparenty not everyone knew what that term means. For those that don’t know, it means that you’re literally overflowing your fuel tank on purpose. The reason people do it… » 5/07/15 1:23am 5/07/15 1:23am

Wow. The Jaguar F-Type R is insanely loud. 

I was cruising with a couple of my groomsmen the other day to go check out suits in my E34 M5 when this dude in a Jaguar F Type R screamed by me and passed me on the left like I was standing still. The noise sounded like a cross between a sport bike and a muscle car. This thing was easily louder than my M5 with a… » 4/14/15 3:19am 4/14/15 3:19am