This evening's work: grille swap, headlight resto, wheel polish. 

The Q45 isn’t registered yet, so I can’t leave my driveway. But I can definitely JDM BRO out on some strange OEM parts. This grille is definitely the most exciting piece of shiny plastic I’ve ever purchased! Thanks Japan Parts Service (they are a big east coast JDM engine importer). I couldn’t be happier. It’s… »8/18/15 7:41pm8/18/15 7:41pm

This Investment-Grade Honda Beat Version Z Is Almost Legal

Next year, when the earliest 1991 Honda Beats are eligible to bounce like skipped stones onto U.S. shores under the 25-year rule, all of cardom will rejoice like we did for the R32 Skyline GT-R, earlier Skylines, the Lancia Delta Integrale, and others. This particular Beat, however, won’t be begrudgingly allowed »6/03/15 2:31pm6/03/15 2:31pm