Chicago visit: Bentley Gold Coast: 2 Veyrons edition (now with imgur link)

Thanks to the recommendations of local Chicago Opponauts, my wife and I took a slight detour from our Michigan Ave. excursion to wander to Bentley Gold Coast. It was very much as described, with doors open, folks wandering in and out, taking photos (though the cars were fairly well packed in there, so hard to get any… »6/27/15 5:14pm6/27/15 5:14pm

Your Ridiculously Awesome Murcielago SV Wallpaper is Here

I am going to go out on a limb and say that the Murcielago SV is my favorite Lamborghini ever made. Yes, it’s four wheel drive. Yes, it’s an auto gearbox. But I am simply obsessed with how the guys in Santa Bolognesa went batshit insane on such a beautiful, timeless design. The front splitter. The rear splitter. That… »6/18/15 3:06pm6/18/15 3:06pm

Variety Is The Spice Of Life At Super Car Sunday

I wasn’t planning on taking pictures at Super Car Sunday this morning, I headed there to meet up with some friends to go for a drive. When I arrived it was clear that something was going on because the parking lot was a damned madhouse. I was quickly informed that it was the marquee day for McLaren, something I had… »6/07/15 6:00pm6/07/15 6:00pm

Laguna Seca Lamborghini Super Trofeo, 5/1-3 2015 (long)

I had a rare relaxing weekend of watching racing & drinking beer at Laguna Seca with friends and family planned, then got a call on the preceding Wednesday to work on one of these for O’Gara Motorsport in the Lamborghini Super Trofeo series. I’ll take it. Fortunately I already knew & had previously raced the… »5/11/15 4:55pm5/11/15 4:55pm