A Fan's View of the Sahlen's 6 Hours at the Glen

Welcome to my photo album of this weekend’s TUDOR United Sports Car Championship race at Watkins Glen International for the Sahlen’s 6 Hours of the Glen. I’m going to start off by saying this was my first proper sports car race, and I got to feel like I was 8 years old again (I probably acted that way too), even… » 6/29/15 10:12pm 6/29/15 10:12pm

Fourza 2.4 Hours Of Le Mans: Post Race + Replays (UPDATED: More Pics)

Here it is. The moment you’ve been waiting for. These are the results of our 2.4 hour long race at Le Mans in Fourza. A race that was not only streamed on Twitch, but shared to the front page of Jalopnik (thanks for the bump!). If you missed the race, the replays are also in this post.… » 6/24/15 6:30pm 6/24/15 6:30pm

I Need Photos From The Fourza 2.4 Hours Of Le Mans

Some of you sent me replays, but I can’t download them for some reason and I don’t have my own since I got kicked out (Verizon still sucks, still not over it). If you have a replay saved, take photos, put them on the storefront, get them off the Forza website, and comment them to me on one of my posts. I would like to… » 6/17/15 5:22pm 6/17/15 5:22pm

Le Mans 24hrs Photo Extravaganza

Wow. Le Mans is a special event. I’ve been to Spa, the Nurburgring and Silverstone for their respective 24hrs, but none of them come close to this in terms of a spectacle. I would implore anyone reading, if you can get there, go. 2016 dates are already announced and its such a special event it is well worth any amount… » 6/17/15 1:34pm 6/17/15 1:34pm

Classic British Welcome Photos (Le Mans Carshow)

The Classic British Welcome is a long standing tradition during the Le Mans week. On the friday, at a small village north of the city (St. Saturnin) around 1000 cars take over a village hall site, making it one of the biggest car shows on during the week. I headed over early friday morning and stayed till around 1,… » 6/16/15 10:42am 6/16/15 10:42am

One Hour Until The Fourza 2.4 Hours Of Le Mans

CLICK HERE FOR LIVESTREAM. Our 2.4 hour long race at Le Mans in Fourza is one hour away. It’s too late to sign up at this point, but if you’re racing and need a refresher on the rules, click the link and read the post. If you’re not racing, watch us race on Twitch, the link for which will be posted very soon by… » 6/14/15 3:30pm 6/14/15 3:30pm

#19 & #17 Porsche 919 LMP1s Dominate Le Mans going 1-2

AUDI LOST WOOOO!!!!! The #17 lead the way early but fell to 3rd a lap down due to a stop & go +60 and was never able to claw back to the lead. The #19 took over the lead and never looked back. All three Audis had problems through out the race hindering them from really pressuring Porsche for the win. Overall it was a… » 6/14/15 9:03am 6/14/15 9:03am

#98 Aston Martin In GTE-Am Crashes From The Lead With 45Min Left

Based on the replay the car looked like it had some sort of mechanical failure as it entered the Ford Chicane and Paul Dalla Lana drove head-on into the tire barrier. That should all but guarantee the #77 Dempsey Proton Racing car a podium if they can make it and if things fall the right way, could end up winning the… » 6/14/15 8:19am 6/14/15 8:19am