Of happenings, many happenings

We arrived in Illinois this past Saturday, the road trip was pretty fun. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to do anything extra, the movers took longer than they were supposed to and we had to haul ass here to get our new house. Mrs. blacktruck’s Volvo and Blacktruck both did great. I averaged 20.1 MPG with… » 7/25/15 9:30am 7/25/15 9:30am

No Swagger: The Big, Boring Lincoln Continental Concept

At last year’s New York International Auto Show, Lincoln’s was arguably the best looking display. They built a beautiful brand statement – elegant, upscale, sexy, pleasantly retro – and then filled it with the most forgettable cars you’ve ever seen. Look at this line up and then tell me that you could muster up a… » 4/05/15 10:30pm 4/05/15 10:30pm

My favorite design element on the Lincoln Continental concept

I really like the chrome/aluminum/whatever line running along the bottom edge of the car. It creates a really subtle two tone and works amazingly with that beautiful blue color. It reminds me of the body cladding on the older Mercs (which I like), and dark blue is one of my absolute favorite colors on big luxury cars.… » 3/30/15 7:31am 3/30/15 7:31am