1 week with the Aurora, Oldsmobile's last Hurray and Beginning of the End

I had the car a little over a week now and as promised, I wanna keep Oppo updated on whats happening over here in the land of Fish&Chips and public surveillance, home of the Queen and my Aurora. Before I start writing semi regularly about my upcoming plans and experiences with the car, I would like to explain a bit of… »9/19/15 1:34pm9/19/15 1:34pm

Of happenings, many happenings

We arrived in Illinois this past Saturday, the road trip was pretty fun. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to do anything extra, the movers took longer than they were supposed to and we had to haul ass here to get our new house. Mrs. blacktruck’s Volvo and Blacktruck both did great. I averaged 20.1 MPG with… »7/25/15 9:30am7/25/15 9:30am