No Swagger: The Big, Boring Lincoln Continental Concept

At last year’s New York International Auto Show, Lincoln’s was arguably the best looking display. They built a beautiful brand statement – elegant, upscale, sexy, pleasantly retro – and then filled it with the most forgettable cars you’ve ever seen. Look at this line up and then tell me that you could muster up a… » 4/05/15 10:30pm 4/05/15 10:30pm

My favorite design element on the Lincoln Continental concept

I really like the chrome/aluminum/whatever line running along the bottom edge of the car. It creates a really subtle two tone and works amazingly with that beautiful blue color. It reminds me of the body cladding on the older Mercs (which I like), and dark blue is one of my absolute favorite colors on big luxury cars.… » 3/30/15 7:31am 3/30/15 7:31am