Protest drive, because that is what cars are for.

A red 1989 BMW M3 Coupe with 10k miles sold at Bonhams auctions today for $96,250, further dooming one of the finest ever drivers cars to garage queen status as each new record sale price is reached. I’m all for taking care of legendary and historic vehicles, but cars are also meant to be driven, to make memories in. » 8/16/15 8:32pm 8/16/15 8:32pm

The World's Fastest Dog Rescue Vehicle - Juliann's E46 Touring

I seem to have an affinity for BMW wagons. Well alright, who am I kidding? Don’t we all? It’s a formula that proves to be flawless. It’s a driver’s car that doubles as a doer’s car. It’ll carry your small furniture, haul your kids to school, round up all your gear for a road trip and still draw a crowd at a car meet.… » 8/09/15 12:39am 8/09/15 12:39am

The slow strip continues...

My wife and kids were out visiting family for a week so I got a lot done on the E46 M3 GTS3 project. It’s almost down to the shell (at least as far as I want to take it), with only a few more things to do before it goes off to the body shop for the repair, then cage builder for the... cage. I can barely walk around in… » 7/10/15 2:14pm 7/10/15 2:14pm

E36 M3 race car and trailer stolen in Georgia! (FP Please!)

Please be on the look out for my Trailer and BMW M3 that were stolen from Marietta, Georgia last night at 3:47am

The Trailer has INTERNATIONAL ALLSTARS on both sides with a roll call with my sponsors.

The M3 was race prepped with 343 on the side and FARRINGTON on the side windows.

The truck that took it seemed to be a…

» 6/25/15 12:58pm 6/25/15 12:58pm

Birthday Burnouts are the best Burnouts

Picked up a nail in my front drivers side tire while at SoWo and I was due for new tires anyways, so I had to do what any red blooded american would do and ensure there was no tread left on the old tires before mounting the new ones. Now she has a nice set of Nitto Nt555’s all around. Good Bye hankook ventus v12’s!… » 5/19/15 9:43am 5/19/15 9:43am