The Mazda Furai's tragic loss, as felt by one of its designers

Last week we learned why the Mazda Furai has been MIA the last several years: It burned to a crisp in 2008. Enthusiasts were horrified, but imagine being the man who styled it. Mallory McMorrow talked to Carlos Salaff, a former Mazda senior designer who was part of the Furai's exterior design development team, to get… »9/16/13 2:58pm9/16/13 2:58pm

The Mazda Furai Burned To Death In 8 Minutes, Hidden From Help

I got my subscriber's copy of TopGear Magazine today, and it's an extra-large 20th Anniversary issue. Naturally, after hearing the tragic news that the Mazda Furai Concept burned to the ground in 2008, I immediately flicked through to the explanation. I won't scan or re-type the whole article because you should buy… »9/11/13 9:51am9/11/13 9:51am