The McLaren F1 and why I longed for most of my life to see one

It’s fascinating the way our memories work. We have the capacity to cling onto memories that have long been retired into the depths of our minds, thoughts from our youth that we treasure but now lay dormant in our subconscious. They could be insignificant, sure, but somehow we would always identify strongly with them.… »8/24/15 8:00am8/24/15 8:00am

Why aren't there more road cars with fan-assisted downforce??

Downforce without the drag, or speed-dependent component of traditional wing downforce! So why does only McLaren use this relatively simple yet very effective technology in roadcars? Fans can be used to increase the effect of existing profiles for reducing pressure underbody, aid cooling and airflow through engine… »8/22/15 8:32am8/22/15 8:32am