LED headlights: These are a thing now

I drive at night. A lot. I go to work when it’s dark, and then I come home when it’s dark. Aside from being soul-crushingly depressing, it’s also dark. And deer mating season. And ice-on-the-road season. To that end I decided I needed to see a bit better than the $15 sylvania sealed-beams on the Miata would allow. As… »Friday 8:14pm11/27/15 8:14pm


How Mazda can build an engine for the Miata that outshines its chassis

You have probably heard two criticisms of the Miata—if you’ve been looking into things closely—that make sense. One is that the steering is like the electric steering from the RX-8. This is probably because it essentially is the electric steering from the RX-8. The other is that, despite all of the compressions, the… »11/15/15 9:00pm11/15/15 9:00pm

The Miata upgrades continue!  Mirror, interior trim, and white lettering!

It’s been a while since I posted anything about my ‘02 Miata. Not much has happen besides a few roadtrips, some new scars, one crankshaft replacement, a recent oil change that’s good for 15k miles, and a fun autocross spin at Roebling Road Raceway near Savanna, GA. Now, the ramen dieting has paid off, my quest… »11/08/15 2:18pm11/08/15 2:18pm