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Mazda Dealer Rework (DRW) 05 - 2016 MX-5 Refrigerant Leak

Certain 2016 MX-5 vehicles in your inventory may have an A/C refrigerant leak at the joint between the A/C pipe and the expansion valve. The affected vehicles are scheduled to arrive at Mazda dealerships through the month of August. This DRW program must be…

»8/14/15 2:51pm8/14/15 2:51pm

Help Motivate Me to Finish Painting my Car!

So...essentially I’m painting this car twice. The first time, after tons of hours of block sanding and getting everything just right, disaster occurred whilst shooting the paint. So I sanded it all off in anger, and am now back to where I started. So far I’ve only mustered up enough motivation to get the car initially… »8/11/15 11:15am8/11/15 11:15am