How would you spec your Mitsubishi Mirage using their configurator?

Oh admit it, you find it’s 90s color choices, tiny little three cylinder engine, infinitesimal kerb weight, and body roll adorable. It’s probably the most honest car on sale right now in the sense that it’s exactly what it is. No posing, no pretending to be upscale, no image. It’s just a tiny, cheap, happy little car.… »6/04/15 2:38pm6/04/15 2:38pm

Is this Mitsubishi's slow and undercover return to WRC?

WRX vs. Evo. The battle that is now been fought out in Internet forums, Facebook comments and Youtube videos once took place in the manliest motoring world championship, the WRC. Since 2008, both brands have abandoned the championship. While Subaru has hinted a LMP1 entry recently, Mitsubishi has been awfully quiet… »9/22/14 5:49pm9/22/14 5:49pm

Driving Stick, The Mitsubishi Mirage, and A Buy Here Pay Here Lot

Well hello there Oppo! Many of you scrolling through the sea of posts may have stumbled upon this heading and thought to yourself, "What the hell do these things have to do with each other?" Well you are in luck because I, the author, am here to elaborate. This is a summary of how I spent my afternoon yesterday. It… »9/05/14 7:46pm9/05/14 7:46pm