Used Car Face-Off: Japanese 4x4s from 2002 That Aren't Toyotas Edition 

When you think of a 4x4 from Japan that’s renowned for longevity, capability, and reliability, you probably think of a Toyota. However, today on Used Car Face-Off, we have three five door 4x4s ranging from midsized to gigantic which may or may not dispel that belief. Of the three, which would be your personal choice?… »11/13/15 8:57pm11/13/15 8:57pm

Autoart Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution: Review

Ever wondered what would happen if the company behind the legendary (but now-dead) Lancer Evolution line decided to go absolutely bonkers on a Pajero compact SUV? Well, the result is this - the Pajero Evolution. A fantastic little pocket rocket, this Mitsubishi conquered all sorts of terrains without breaking a sweat,… »11/02/15 7:39pm11/02/15 7:39pm

How would you spec your Mitsubishi Mirage using their configurator?

Oh admit it, you find it’s 90s color choices, tiny little three cylinder engine, infinitesimal kerb weight, and body roll adorable. It’s probably the most honest car on sale right now in the sense that it’s exactly what it is. No posing, no pretending to be upscale, no image. It’s just a tiny, cheap, happy little car.… »6/04/15 2:38pm6/04/15 2:38pm