Need to Tow Your Tesla? Good luck!

Everyone gets a flat here and there, it's bound to happen to each and every driver. Normally, you can call AAA if you have that, a tow company through your insurance plan, or sometimes the dealer has a "highway assistance" plan where they will only tow back to their dealership for a higher price. Either way, you are… »12/09/14 6:57pm12/09/14 6:57pm

The P85D: Tesla's All Wheel Drive Model S

Well...everyone was right. Tesla has announced the P85D, the Model S with power to all four wheels. By the end of 2015, Tesla announced that its cars will become semi-autonomous and then in the future, full autonomous. Last week, there were some spy shots of a Model S with a "D" badge on it. Musk announced he wanted… »10/10/14 10:44am10/10/14 10:44am