Five Ferrari One-Offs That Need To Be Commissioned

After a week of walking through shopping malls, I've realized Americans love customizing their objects. There's no other reason why jewelry stores stay in business, people can design their own iPhone case, and why the interior decorator profession exists. Meanwhile, I, a Thinkpad user who finally "upgraded" to… »12/21/13 12:34pm12/21/13 12:34pm


Five Fun Affordable Mid-Engine Rear-Drive Cars

Being a millennial, there's nothing that I miss from the 1980s, mainly because I wasn't born yet. However, ever since I discovered Buzzfeed, I developed a nostalgia for that decade. This has involved watching Cosby Show reruns and any John Hughes movie, as well as hoping that Eastern European geography would be… »11/30/13 12:54pm11/30/13 12:54pm

The ACTUAL Customer Profiles of LA Auto Show Debut Vehicles

I love auto shows for the many, many activities for car enthusiasts. Messing with Ford's "intelligent" robot. Doing the Ride and Drives. Getting free coffee mugs. Questioning auto show models about the products they're standing next to. Collecting all the brochures I can only for my sister to later use them for… »11/23/13 1:58am11/23/13 1:58am

Five Cars With A Pitiful Color Selection

Apart from playing too much solitaire for my own good and writing these lists, I spend a lot of time on online car configurators. You know, those sections of an automaker's website where you can create your dream car, feel a sense of accomplishment for five seconds, and then get back to that paper you were writing.… »11/02/13 12:28am11/02/13 12:28am

Five Automotive Product Demonstrations Gone Wrong

Being from Silicon Valley, I've grasped the importance of flawless product demonstrations after living through Steve Jobs's numerous product unveilings. You know, make a bunch of tech journalists sit three hours worth of presentations about new developer initiatives, two hours about new Apple software programs, and… »10/19/13 3:51am10/19/13 3:51am

New Cars That Need a Four-Door Version (That'll Sell)

Sports sedans and wagons are my jam. There's nothing like having a car that can hang with Boxsters on twisting roads (no doubt the drivers were feathering the throttle in fear of an intermediate shaft failure), take my friends grocery shopping (this is what happens when having a car in college, though I never did get… »10/11/13 12:51am10/11/13 12:51am

Get These Performance Cars Before the Year's Out!

After weeks of spewing reckless non-car-buying advice, like focusing on license plates, a foray into product planning, and listing why driverless cars will be unsuccessful, I've run out of whimsical list ideas. Therefore, I've decided to venture back into actual consumer advice, which most of Jalopnik will promptly… »9/28/13 1:08pm9/28/13 1:08pm

Why We'll Never Have Driverless Cars

"Human beings are idiots." That’s what we think whenever we see a story with the “LOLCARS” tag. It's also what we think when anything happens in Florida. (God forbid I ever have to move there.) It’s probably what Greg Tracy was thinking as I was telling him about the time I tried to express my inner Bob Wollek. And… »9/21/13 10:14am9/21/13 10:14am

What Not To Put On Your Vanity Plate (That The DMV Will Allow)

A vanity license plate. It's like having a Twitter on your car, except you're limited to using 6 to 8 characters, you're stuck with the message for about a year, or have to pay immense fees to change the plate entirely, and you have the privilege of paying an extra $78 a year to retain that status on top of the… »9/07/13 3:21am9/07/13 3:21am

Vehicles That Don't Quite Mesh With The Company Tagline

If there's one thing four years of watching and analyzing Mad Men has taught me, it's that businesses run on taglines. Without them, people would be questioning why Acura took it upon itself to describe man for a full minute (that MDX ad is horrible), why the Swedes bother to stack cars in their print ads, and why… »8/30/13 6:33pm8/30/13 6:33pm

Cars That Shouldn't Be Had With the Manual (Yes, I Went There)

To cover my bases, let me state that I am not calling for the death of the manual transmission, even though I also wrote this. There are manual cars on sale I absolutely love, such as the Fiesta ST, 500 Abarth, 135is, and Mustang Boss 302, to name three (out of a relative few). But there are times when presented with… »8/14/13 10:22pm8/14/13 10:22pm

10 New Car Recommendations That Warrant Revenge

Finding a bad new car that you wouldn't recommend to anyone is a lot more difficult than it used to be. Hyundai and Kia, which just ten years ago made cars we looked down upon, don't even have a product on this list. And yet people still recommend the bad cars such as the Mercedes R-Class (which thank goodness is… »7/30/13 12:48am7/30/13 12:48am