Over 13,000 Sign Gluten Dude's Petition to Remove NASCAR Commercial

Earlier this week, NBC released a series of commercials promoting their NASCAR coverage and featuring Nick Offerman, an actor in NBC's Parks & Recreation. It was a company man making a company ad for a company that propelled him to stardom; nothing unusual. However, one line in the ad, quoted below, has rattled the… »1/30/15 12:41pm1/30/15 12:41pm

NBC and Uber are Offering Free Mini Countrymen Rides in NYC

Until this coming Sunday the 17th, you can hail an Uber ride with the promo code "BPLONNBC" and receive a free ride around New York City. Sure, this seems interesting and creative. But even more, I'd be interested to see if people would turn down the ride if it sports a livery of an opposing team. Manchester vs.… »8/15/14 5:43pm8/15/14 5:43pm

I was at the Top Gear USA NBC Pilot Episode

This hasn't come up in quite some time. It's actually Ray Wert era Jalopnik, but I was just daydreaming about my trip to LA to see the first episode of what would eventually be the first of two different Top Gear USA series. I assume nothing ever came of the Jalopnik challenge as I'm sure the pilot would have ended… »4/10/13 3:43pm4/10/13 3:43pm