NPOCP - Low Mileage 61 Ford F100 (with special sauce)

Passed this on the side of the road this morning, being sold by a friend. Asking $7,995. I thought that was a lot at first, but then it really is unmolested, and it has 36,000 miles on it. Really. The engine looks good, and the rest of it looks like it spent most of its life, well, in a fire station. Straight body… » 6/24/15 12:58pm 6/24/15 12:58pm

Never Be Late To Bingo Again: Buy This Turbocharged STS Sleeper

At the intersection of dentures and drag radials – where AARP meets ARP head studs – is this beige on beige front-drive Caddy with a 70mm secret. Joining that big turbo is a long list of supporting modifications that wouldn’t look out of place on a Pro Street Camaro listing. With the stock 4.6-liter transverse-mounted… » 6/24/15 12:55pm 6/24/15 12:55pm

This Geo Is Best Kept Secret In The Used Car Market

It really is the best kept secret. If you scrolled past this post without clicking, you have proven my point. Actually, if you scrolled past this, you’re no longer with us and I can say without fear of repercussion that your mother is a woman of ill repute. Unlike other Geos of similar vintage leaving oil stains at… » 6/12/15 10:23am 6/12/15 10:23am

This Investment-Grade Honda Beat Version Z Is Almost Legal

Next year, when the earliest 1991 Honda Beats are eligible to bounce like skipped stones onto U.S. shores under the 25-year rule, all of cardom will rejoice like we did for the R32 Skyline GT-R, earlier Skylines, the Lancia Delta Integrale, and others. This particular Beat, however, won’t be begrudgingly allowed » 6/03/15 2:31pm 6/03/15 2:31pm

Just Another RWD, V8 Ford Focus For Sale

Is a sleeper still sleepy if it’s wearing an eyeball-searing color? This rear-drive Focus uses a 5.0-liter Windsor V8 and transmission from a 1993 Cobra, plus a ton of custom fabrication to make it fit under the stock Focus bodywork. It all comes together with exceptional handiwork that looks like a factory job. You… » 5/28/15 7:15pm 5/28/15 7:15pm