A Wailing Six at Willow 13

Speed is an addiction. Speed will take your time, your money, and your sanity. Speed leaves grown men dazed, mumbling incoherently about the importance of every tenth of every second. Speed is a cruel temptress, luring us in with glimpses of what could be, inflating egos and inspiring (false) confidence in talents and… » 7/14/15 10:30am 7/14/15 10:30am

Thought Experiment: Drive a New Car Every 3 Months

Would you pay a flat monthly fee to drive a different car every three months? I would.

Committing to one vehicle is hard. For some people, it’s really, really hard! There are so many cars that I’d like to live with for an extended period of time without the hassle and complexities of buying, owning, and then… » 6/29/15 5:30am 6/29/15 5:30am