What's the best sounding Stock Exhaust?

A good car always tingles your senses and engages your emotions. An exhaust can make or break a car. You have things like the Transit Connect that sound like an air compressor starved of fuel, and then you have the glorious symphony of a Ferrari V12 singing like 1000 angels chasing down a pack of thundering hell… »11/16/13 10:00am11/16/13 10:00am

What is the most reasonable car you would like to own?

Here on Jalopnik, we are all about the impractical. A quad-rotor swapped lifted all wheel drive Geo? That's the daily driver of 36% of all Jalops. (Disclaimer: statistics are completely made up by me but hopefully representative of the demographic) But how far are we willing to go in the opposite direction? What kind… »7/24/13 12:05pm7/24/13 12:05pm