One Year Review: A Review on Owning and Modifying my Focus ST

Every once in awhile I see someone on Oppo post a review of their car, so I figured with a little time on my hands I would do the same.

So, a little over one year ago I traded my treacherous 2008 Mitsubishi Lancer (literally the worst car I’ve ever owned and I’ve had cars catch on fire. They weren’t as bad as the… »7/24/15 2:45pm7/24/15 2:45pm

2005 Honda Pilot: Such meh, much practical

The clock strikes midnight, your phone starts blowing up with happy birthday posts from people you probably don’t know, and you’re legally allowed to hit the road; not with your nosy father nor your scared mother, but by yourself. The days of not relying on anyone to take you places or taking the bus to school are… »5/18/15 9:21am5/18/15 9:21am

2000 Volvo V70R: The OppositeLock Review

Getting to meet your hero. It is something that we all dream of doing. However, most everyone knows that it very rarely works out for the best. So was my case with one of my automotive dream heroes, the Volvo V70R. I began lusting for one after seeing a beautiful example come for sale near me when I first started… »3/30/15 11:02am3/30/15 11:02am

2008 Mazda3 S Touring Hatchback: The Oppositelock Review

August 2009: I was beginning my second (and last) year at community college. The following year was my first at WKU (Western Kentucky University), about an hour or so from home. My vehicle at the time was a 1999 Pontiac Grand Am GT1 coupe. It was in great condition with me being only the third owner (and I was very… »3/12/15 11:25pm3/12/15 11:25pm

2012 Publix RTS Shuttle Kiddie Carts: The Oppositelock Review

There comes a sad point in most every man's life when they have to settle down and become more practical. The single seater lightweight cart just won't work for you anymore. You've got two kids now but still need to haul and want a bit of fun. What do you do? Trade up into Publix's second cart offering: the RTS Two… »1/21/15 5:00pm1/21/15 5:00pm

2014 Cadillac ATS 2.0T AWD: The Opposite Lock Review

Ah, the ATS. It's been praised as "America's golden boy" for the sports sedan class. It looks to tick all the right boxes. Dashing looks, plently of luxury, and a wallop of go. But, does the ATS live up to its name and really put up a fight against it's German contemporaries?

[Full Disclosure: Cadillac didn't… »9/15/14 8:19pm9/15/14 8:19pm