So I popped a fuse in my foglight fuse spot for a minute today.

It wasn't the right one but I've always been curious to see what they look like. They're so yellow! And so German! I've been trying to bum the fuse off of some people for a while but after seeing it today I went ahead and had it ordered. Hopefully this weekend I can get some rolling shots of it with the fogs on! » 9/30/13 1:10am 9/30/13 1:10am

In this post, Coty comes back, goes on a rant, and changes.

Changes his avatar that is. While I was on vacation (which is why I was gone, no wifi where I was) I took this photo, which is now my avatar. I thought it was pretty funny.

And now, onto my rant.

So everyone remembers Oskar, my problem filled 1988 Mercedes 300SE, right? Well on June 10th I dropped him off at the shop he… » 7/13/13 10:13pm 7/13/13 10:13pm