Yay carport!

I played around with the cars today, getting them how I liked them. Oskar hasn't been run in about a month, due to the snow and needing an oil change (yes, yes I'm a slacker). My uncle was kind enough to plow the yard in front of the carport, just the way I wanted. I had him make a spot next to it to park Oskar as I…

Currently working on plans to see Rush on Sunday with some friends. A 300SE, a 635CSi, and an aired out 9000 Aero in the parking lot of a theater showing Rush. If this isn't a sick plan, I don't know what is.


Kermit and Libby making memories.

This is my little cousin Libby, and my VW Type III Fastback, Kermit. (yes, I also own Oskar. My life is like a fucked up mix of Sesame Street, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, and the Velocity Channel.)

Yes, the filter is hipster, but it works with the vintage of the car, and I have to live up to my title as #7 on…

Oskar Update

So apparently my mechanic has been working on my car. In the month he's had it he's discovered it needs and OVP relay and an O2 sensor, as well as some rods in the fron end replaced (can't remember the name). He's replaced the OVP relay. He was supposed to draft up a quote and call me tonight. That didn't happen.

Oskar is at his third and hopefully, last shop. This place is called Sports and Classic Cars in Plainfield, NH. These guys are supposed to be Mercedes specialists. Hopefully this will be the end of it.