Rescuing a $750 Peugeot, the untold story

It was 11 AM on a lovely Friday morning, 7th of August, resting from a week of planning, and I get a call from my Peugeot owner-to be, slash, friend. Here is the story of how we rescued a 505, from 1987, with the splendid PRV V6 also found in so many cars, including the famous DeLorean DMC-12, Volvo 960 and Renault 25.
»8/16/15 8:15pm8/16/15 8:15pm

Peugeot in its natural habitat

RJ getting worked on today :)
Fresh oil and OEM Peugeot filter with brass crush ring, brake bleed/flush with DOT 3, wheels re-torqued to proper spec (wildly overtightened), headlight re-attached and zip-tied and connected so now it actually works, hazards switch cleaned up and repaired (it was stuck on and blew a fuse)… »8/09/15 12:24pm8/09/15 12:24pm