My first try at "real" automotive photography

To clarify: This is the first time I’ve used a ‘real’ camera (Canon DSLR, old Rebel of some description) to shoot artistic photos of a car. Or try. I photograph cars every day as part of my job, but that’s all stick-to-the-script brightly-lit show-off-features-regardless-of-artistic-merit corporate BS. Enjoy the… »9/28/15 9:35pm9/28/15 9:35pm

Here Are Your Beautiful Japanese Classic Car Wallpapers

It seems that it was a big weekend for automotive enthusiasts nationwide, with car shows, races, and club gatherings popping up all over the country. I went down to Long Beach to check out the 11th Annual Japanese Classic Car Show for the first time in the 8 years I’ve lived in Los Angeles, and I wasn’t disappointed.… »9/21/15 10:00am9/21/15 10:00am

A Perfect Saturday Morning @ Period Correct w/ video!

Beautiful, just, beautiful. That’s the only way I can describe this Aventurine Green 993 Turbo. It was by far my favorite car hanging out at Period Correct last Saturday, a title not easily won. In addition to this final edition of air cooled wonderfulness, there were a number of other interesting vehicles on hand, or… »8/03/15 12:00pm8/03/15 12:00pm