Planelopnik Assemble - Catalina PBY Sleuthing Question

So I just responded to Tyler’s PBY Catalina post with a question about something that has been bothering my father for decades. I’ve included all of the details regarding the question below. However, I figured I would pass the question along on Oppo, since I bothered to document it all, and we’ve got a fairly savvy… » 7/01/15 12:31pm Yesterday 12:31pm

You can call the B-52 old and even ugly but don't call it outdated

The B-52 has been called many things from its official Air Force name Stratofortress to the acronym BUFF - Big, Ugly, Fat, and uh for our sake we’ll just say the last F stands for Fella. It’s been called reliable and old, two attributes that certain fit. One thing it isn’t, however, is outdated - and while it… » 6/27/15 10:55pm Saturday 10:55pm

A Brief History of Asian Stealth So Far: Conclusion - Everybody Else

Asia happens to be the continent with the most countries either developing stealth tactical aircraft or trying to acquire stealth aircraft through other parties. The reasons why are simple and at least partially mathematical - Asia has a large number of countries, many of these countries have the technical and… » 6/23/15 2:32pm 6/23/15 2:32pm

A Brief History of Asian Stealth So Far: Part 4 - The Koreas

Four nations have emerged from the Far East (or thereabouts) with the economic and military capability to influence the rest of the continent and exert political control, at least on a theoretical level - Japan, the People’s Republic of China (the “mainland”), India and the Republic of Korea (South Korea). South Korea… » 6/21/15 9:19pm 6/21/15 9:19pm