Boeing 377 is just my favorite plane. It's still the future to me.

It’s design is right out of a modern steampunk novel of Fallout franchise game. Boeing’s 377 Stratocruiser. Pressurized travel made possible by their B-29 program advances, yet short lived as jet engines came online. It flew with Pan Am starting in 1949 and by 1960 the last commercial flight it was performing was a… »10/08/15 11:55pmYesterday 11:55pm

Is the Bomber an Obsolete, Stupidly Expensive Investment?

“...a startlingly low unit cost of $550 million in fiscal 2010 dollars” says Lara Seligman of Defense News regarding the Long Range Strike Bomber program to replace the USAF’s aging strategic bomber fleet. While $550 million is a bargain compared to the cost of a single B-2A Spirit stealth bomber, let’s think about… »10/05/15 12:25pmMonday 12:25pm

The first dedicated hot-rod company for airplanes.

Menasco Motors Company built inverted inline-4 and inline-6 cylinder engines in the golden age of aviation, the 1930’s. Al Menasco had no problem building something custom as well. That meant you could get a factory race engine for your airplane. The real fast guys had a supercharger to go with it. This is the Chester… »10/04/15 10:22pmSunday 10:22pm

Could declawing the A-10 give it a new lease on life?

Aside from the F-35 there is perhaps no more controversial USAF program flying than the A-10 Thunderbolt II (or Warthog as damn near literally everyone calls it). Air Force brass says it’s not survivable in a real “shooting war” and that it’s time for the Hog to hit the pasture; defenders say it’s the best, most… »10/02/15 12:09pm10/02/15 12:09pm

Defense Boondoggles: BAE Nimrod MRA4

The Lockheed-Martin F-35 Lightning II/Joint Strike Fighter and the drawn-out saga of “concurrency” grab all the headlines when it comes to defense procurement woes, but at least the end product will hopefully be a viable, highly survivable cutting-edge tactical aircraft that will remain the spearpoint of the USAF for… »9/28/15 2:18pm9/28/15 2:18pm

What's the deal with the first "helicopter" anyway?

If you like to browse Oppo all day (and I know you do, c’mon, we all know work productivity is just a figment of Pointy-Hair Guy’s imagination) then you’ve probably read the “This Day in Aviation History Speedround” posts by ttyymmnn. The Sept 12-15 edition included the Sikorsky VS-300, an important helicopter. But… »9/26/15 10:16am9/26/15 10:16am