Three systems the USAF could sacrifice - and three it shouldn't

Budget crunch; Sequester; keep/ditch the A-10/F-35/Defense Sec Ashton Carter’s dog walker. Never before has the USAF been so challenged with the separate pull of shrinking funds and the need to keep up a tactical, strategic and logistical air fleet (as well as its non-flying needs) during an active war. Armchair… »8/31/15 9:46amMonday 9:46am

Private VTOL Aircraft in Development

The XTI TriFan 600 is a 3-rotor vertical takeoff and landing aircraft currently in development and headed by a team that includes Jeff Pino, former president of Sikorsky Aircraft, Charlie Johnson, former president of Cessna Aircraft, Dennis Olcott, former chief engineer at Piper and Adam Aircraft, and David Brody, the… »8/28/15 3:42pmFriday 3:42pm

Helilopnik: WA Wildfires Edition

So, my travels have now got me about 5 miles away from the North Star Fire here in Central WA. I’m living in a van, down by the heliport. Last night, we decided to go watch the firefighting helicopters come back. We missed the Huey’s and KMax landing (that KMax is sweet, btw), and we saw a Bell 212 come in as we were… »8/28/15 3:01pmFriday 3:01pm

Crowdfunding Effort Set To Finance First Vertical Lift Passenger Aircraft

While it might not be the first attempt at creating a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft powered by ducted fans, XTI Aircraft claims to be building the first to offer door-to-door transportation combining the benefits of both helicopter and business jet. Are these guys legit or living in another flying car fantasy… »8/25/15 11:28am8/25/15 11:28am