Meet the new Iraqi Air Force; it's only a little like the Old One

The above image, circulated by Lockheed Martin to various aero-news outlets such as The Aviationist with David Cenciotti reporting and our very own Tyler Rogoway's Foxtrot Alpha, has been around long enough for most military aviation enthusiasts to be familiar with (especially with its striking and unique… »7/01/14 1:28pm7/01/14 1:28pm

A Brief History of Asian Stealth So Far - Part 3: India

Imagine what the Cold War would be like if instead of Canada and Mexico the U.S. had the Soviet Union to the north and the People's Republic of China to the south. That is the geopolitical reality of the Indian subcontinent. Sharing India's Western border is Pakistan - plenty of bad blood flows between the two nations… »6/21/14 9:14am6/21/14 9:14am

Is This Japan's Secret Stealth Fighter?

The following image, which is sourced from David Cenciotti of The Aviationist (in turn claimed to be from "Chinese Internet," the catchall usual suspects of anonymous aero-defense news) purports to be a manned flying prototype of the Mitsubishi ATD-X, a stealth demonstrator leading the way for Japan's effort to build… »6/15/14 1:29pm6/15/14 1:29pm

The Crisis That Threatens General Aviation

The "Golden Age" of Aviation is often considered to be, ironically, during the absolute depths of The Great Depression. Yes, that The Great Depression, the one where bread lines stretched like One Direction ticket campouts. The one that gets the capitalized definitive article in front of it, as if it's the only one,… »6/14/14 8:27am6/14/14 8:27am

Watch how big/small/deadly Russian helicopters are built/refurbished

Yesterday we saw how huge Russian helicopters can get and we know full well how deadly and scary their attack helicopters are. On English Russia you can see how these massive and deadly beasts are put together, often from refurbished frames built 20 years ago with new technology added. »5/12/14 10:21am5/12/14 10:21am