Coast To Coast To Coast

Calbraith Perry Rodgers was the first person to fly Coast to coast in his Wright EX in 1911. It took him almost 3 months and he had Charles Taylor, the man who built a good bit of the Wright Flyer, with him for support. Today I’ve flown Coast to coast twice. ATL-SEA-ATL to get my nephew for a visit. Amazing what a…



The first flight of the first Lockheed L-100, the commercial version of the C-130 Hercules airlifter, was memorable, and also very l-o-n-g. On 20 April 1964, company Chief Production Pilot Joe Garrett took off from the Lockheed facility in Marietta, Georgia, and landed the aircraft (named One World Hercules, civil



During a flight demonstration at an airshow in France last Sunday, this Spitfire taking off from a grass field pitched over on its nose and flipped. The pilot, Cédric Ruet, was not seriously injured. There is no official cause for the accident, though it looks to me like he might have suffered a blown tire or wheel…