NJ Trooper Holds Up Miles Of Traffic, Then Speeds Off

This trooper took a leisurely Sunday drive swerving back and forth across all three local lanes of the New Jersey Turnpike this afternoon. Behind the cruiser, hundreds of impatient folk plodded along at +/- 40 mph as it happily frolicked to and fro using whichever lanes it pleased. Why not all of them? » 5/31/15 5:27pm 5/31/15 5:27pm

These New Suffolk Police Interceptors Can't Catch a Break

Suffolk County, L.I. recently acquired a fleet of Ford's new Taurus Police Interceptors, starting at about $32K before any modified lighting or graphics. Throughout the icy week, three different Interceptors were involved in alleged civilian-fault collisions with severe damage. » 2/22/15 5:31pm 2/22/15 5:31pm