The 914 Chronicles: The Search

I’ve always considered myself a lover of all things with a motor. Whether it was one of many Corvettes my dad has owned, or the tractor down on our family farm, I’ve always been fascinated by the design, the looks, their operation. But one thing that I’ve never done a whole lot of is actual work on a car. Sure, I’ve… »9/02/15 11:33amWednesday 11:33am

Ninehundred Twentyeight Poor Financial Decisions

Here for your viewing pleasure is pictures of that 1979 Porsche 928 I bought. Found it on CL for $750 saying the A/F is off and that it needs intake gaskets. I offered $550 and trailered it to my place of work. So far I have everything to do the gaskets, but I found a vacuum line loose and reattached it and now I can… »8/29/15 10:33pmSaturday 10:33pm

The 914 Chronicles: Prologue

It’s been about 6 months of 914 ownership. I’ve spent about 40% of the purchase price on fixing things, and have maybe 100 miles on the car. Yet, 2500 miles from home and away from the car for 3 months, it’s what I think about most other than my wife and dog (and work). How did I get here with this silly, cool little… »8/26/15 3:37pm8/26/15 3:37pm