QOTD: What cars are cheap & expensive at the same time?

Welcome to my newly-minted Question of the Disc Brake; “Question of the” because it’s a question and “Disc Brake” because I couldn’t think of anything else that (a) was car-related, (b) was not “day” because this is so not a knockoff of Jalopnik, (c) allowed me to be super lazy flexible with my posting, and (d)… »6/25/15 12:10pm6/25/15 12:10pm

QOTD: What is Your Best Automotive Memory?

My Story: Two years ago, I was working at an Audi dealership in customer relations. The general manager asked me to drive an A8 to Ted Koppel’s (Nightline, BBC, NBC, NPR) house. I was to drop off the A8 with him and pick up his A7 for service. While I was there, Mr. Koppel took me into his garage where he kept his… »5/05/15 11:34am5/05/15 11:34am