A Ride Around Willow Springs In The 2016 Dodge Viper ACR Is A Sublime Experience

First off, let me apologize for the wind noise, it was hot as hell, and my man in the drivers seat wanted to roll with the A/C off, so he put the windows down. You can still hear him talking about the insane downforce, how Willow is a 3rd/4th gear track, and you can hear me just kind of laughing about how insane the… »9/30/15 1:05pm9/30/15 1:05pm

I'm Going To Teach Myself To Drive Stick With Video Games

“A tough young man like you is going to want a manual, right?” asked the Nissan salesman who sold me my first car 20 years ago. I shook my head timidly and purchased an automatic Sentra at $500 a month for six years. I can’t help thinking I’d have gotten a better deal had I said yes. »9/27/15 6:36pm9/27/15 6:36pm

33rd Annual Lime Rock Historic Festival Highlights

This past Saturday I got the chance to spend some time at Lime Rock Park and catch the annual historic races. I was only able to spend a day up there, so I missed the parade through town on Thursday, practice on Friday, and the concourse on Sunday. Most of the photos are from the races. Enjoy! (All photos are my own) »9/09/15 2:30pm9/09/15 2:30pm

Racing and Wrenching the Old School Way: An Interview With Pike's Peak Racer Wil Kitchens

These days, it seems that F1 is raced exclusively by genetically engineered, corporately sponsored, superhumans. Look at Lewis Hamilton and tell me he wasn’t designed in a lab in some sub-basement of McLaren. All of the top tier boys got a Nomex onesie before they could walk, and their stroller had a HANS device. The… »9/01/15 7:22pm9/01/15 7:22pm