Team RallyErika to compete at Rally of the Tall Pines with a new sponsor and training 

Team RallyErika is heading north of the boarder next week to compete in the Canadian Rally Championship at Rally of the Tall Pines. Erika Detota and Mary Warren have also added Team O’Neil as sponsor and attended driver/co-driver training by world championship co-drivers Alex and Rhianon Gelsomino. Alex and Rhianon… »Sunday 6:10pm11/22/15 6:10pm


That Time I Accidentally Drove a Rally Stage

The Empire State Performance Rally almost didn’t happen this year. The traditionally tarmac NASA-sanctioned stage rally in upstate NY was forced to reschedule thanks to late April snowfall covering the stages in sleet and ice. The event was moved to October, then again to November with organizers scrambling to get all… »11/17/15 2:07pm11/17/15 2:07pm

List: The Age Of Current WRC-Drivers Compared To The Age Of WRC-Champions

Some say that the WRC is boring, without any profiles, that the drivers aren’t as good as in the old days and so on. That might to some extent be true, but there are some proof that we are entering another golden age. Let’s look at the age of the current WRC-drivers compared with the age of WRC-Champions when they won… »11/16/15 2:29pm11/16/15 2:29pm