Fantasy WorldRX Preview: Temple of Rallycross

It’s a busy period for WorldRX now, with rounds every fortnight until mid-October. This weekend we have the event with the highest amount of spectators, Loheac in France. This is also a popular event for wildcard drivers, and in addition to the WorldRX regulars we find a WTCC champion, former WRC-drivers and the best… »9/02/15 1:19pm9/02/15 1:19pm

RedBull Global RallyCross DC (Video/Gallery)

To the average person the word “rally” typically elicits some sort of political context, especially here in our nation’s capital, Washington DC. Especially during campaign season. But this weekend, DC was home to the 2015 RedBull Global RallyCross series and hopefully quite a few DC citizenry were exposed to a whole… »8/18/15 1:56pm8/18/15 1:56pm