Florida Logic: Road Work Rant

As most all of you know, I live in Florida. Even better though is the fact that I live in a snowbird and retiree town. Come late October, thousands flock from the cold North to enjoy our 90 degree Novembers. Well, our local government was brilliant. They decided to start massive amounts of! »11/02/15 2:06pm11/02/15 2:06pm

Why Bernie Ecclestone shouldn't cancel the final three races of the F1 season

Just read this article. W.T.F. Yeah, the championship has already been won, but why the fuck does that mean the rest should be canceled? This guy seems to be under the impression that there’s nothing left to watch, I guess because he failed to realize that the gap separating 2nd and 3rd in the championship is just 4… »10/27/15 4:06pm10/27/15 4:06pm

How Fast and the Furious Became the World's Greatest Superhero Movie Franchise

They don’t wear capes. They don’t have fancy suits of armor. They aren’t gods or aliens or scientific experiments gone wrong. They just drive cars. Really fast cars. But the characters of the hit Fast and the Furious movie franchise are superheroes, as much as any member of the Justice League or the Avengers—and their… »10/22/15 3:45pm10/22/15 3:45pm

Gotta rant

Why do we complain when a car maker doesn’t put out a performance car? Why do we spit on said car makers? Why do we have to label them with derogatory words like “beige?” Let me tell you something, you and I are not in the best interest of the car companies. They build cars to please the majority of buyers, and… »10/14/15 11:28am10/14/15 11:28am

Drinking and driving is bad, okay?

Especially when you are a junior in high school. If you are 17 and driving drunk, you deserve to lose your license and your car. I sincerely wish you would wrap your car around a tree and let natural selection do it’s work. When I’m sitting in class and hear you talking about the big party on Saturday and how you were… »9/08/15 5:45pm9/08/15 5:45pm