Why is OppositeLock flooded with self promotion these days?

I love reading articles from the community and most of the people in the Oppo community, but why is there so much self promoting going on recently. This site isn’t about self promotion. It is about sharing with others cool things, off-topic conversation and talking about car related topics. It really has become a… » 8/19/15 9:17am 8/19/15 9:17am

This is a thing that pisses me off

Attacking parents for kids bad behavior. Guess what? Sometimes its just the kid, believe it or not kids kinda come a certain way. Also, Screw you for your “its okay that I’m on the earth but how dare you inconvenience me with your offspring” attitude. Same goes for people who complain about kids on planes. Look, you… » 8/04/15 6:05pm 8/04/15 6:05pm

Have I ever mentioned how much I hate aftermarket head units?

I get that they sound better and offer more features than stock ones, but they are ugly as all get out and impossible to use because each button is the size of a pencil tip and has 18 different functions. There’s nothing as frustrating as going to change the volume and then the radio does something weird and having to… » 7/17/15 5:56pm 7/17/15 5:56pm

I've Noticed One Major Advantage to Leasing Instead of Buying:

When you lease a car, you aren’t tempted to pour every dollar you make into the damn thing! Now that I own my C30 instead of leasing the Civic, I want to upgrade so much on it. I’m working on a full LED interior light conversion, I want to Polestar tune it, and now I’m trying to find some R or R Design wheels! My… » 7/07/15 11:08am 7/07/15 11:08am

A rant about my car, and SUVs in general.

*DISCLAIMER* I am not in anyway ungrateful about getting a free car, it’s just I find it ridiculous that my parents want to keep this car, even though a smaller, more fuel efficient car makes much more sense, especially since a car with a 12 gallon fuel tank gets more range than my 20.5, and I drive conservatively... » 6/22/15 9:31pm 6/22/15 9:31pm