A rant about my car, and SUVs in general.

*DISCLAIMER* I am not in anyway ungrateful about getting a free car, it’s just I find it ridiculous that my parents want to keep this car, even though a smaller, more fuel efficient car makes much more sense, especially since a car with a 12 gallon fuel tank gets more range than my 20.5, and I drive conservatively... » 6/22/15 9:31pm 6/22/15 9:31pm

The age of the Cheap AE86 is dead.

Good Morning Oppo! This is TGWD here, AW11 owner, Ranger Driver and Perpetually angry student!

After a small sabbatical involving both my vehicles breaking, Clinical and school hours, an ever decreasing bank account and crappy weather, I am back at work and here to tell you about some recent happenings, » 4/29/15 10:42am 4/29/15 10:42am

Pro-Tip Professors.

If you are gonna make a study guide consisting only of potential test bank questions three times larger than the entire test, then not release it until after the last class has been completed and only 4 days before the damn final at least give me some hint to what the answers are. I have 4 other finals, I dont have… » 4/21/15 4:01pm 4/21/15 4:01pm