Apparently, I Can't Have This Map Uploaded To Steam

If you're curious as to what is going on between me and a guy on Steam via PM, I called this map the Sankaku Prefecture (you could probably tell where this is going) and he sent me a nice PM message claiming I was (in his words) a "Jap-lover" and someone who spits on the history of WW II as well as someone who hates… » 4/04/15 12:53am 4/04/15 12:53am

How "Romantic" and "Historical" Names Could Work for Cadillac

When Cadillac President Johan de Nysschen agreed to answer reader questions for Jalopnik recently, it didn't take long for readers to ask him about the brand's controversial new naming scheme. His response wasn't terribly surprising, and as a result, my suggestion to him might not be either. But here I go anyway. » 2/24/15 6:35pm 2/24/15 6:35pm

My (single) issue with the BMW M2: An open letter from a ///M fan

As an avid E46 M3 owner that loves drinking the BMW kool-aid, I am eagerly awaiting the M2 like most BMW fans that are yearning for a product reminiscent of the brands highest peak. Sure BMW sells more cars now than they did in the 90's and early 2000's but few will say that the BMW's being sold today are more… » 2/06/15 11:28pm 2/06/15 11:28pm