It's Time To Abandon Papyrus

This post isn’t about cars. I’m sorry, it’s not. I could tell you about the generally horrible Chevy Captiva Sport I’ve been driving since my car got wrecked, but there’s nothing captivating or sporting about it. So, no, there’s another pressing matter. Papyrus. No, not papyrus the ancient Egyptian form of paper, nor… »11/16/15 2:46pm11/16/15 2:46pm

Why I Actually Miss Having State Mandated Inspections

This truck didn’t just pull into my lane; it is and has been driving straight down the middle of it. If that doesn’t make sense, picture this: if this truck were driving in a straight line in the mud it would leave 4 entirely separate tire tracks. That’s how twisted the frame is. It was far more alarming to see in… »11/11/15 11:18am11/11/15 11:18am

Unpopular Opinion of the Day: Black Wheels

If you think that is what makes your car “badass” or “stealth,” then you’re inhabiting the same mental space your local actuary visits when he straps on spiked leathers and rips around on his straight piped harley. If you really wanted to blend in you’d leave your wheels silver. But now your whip is “murdered out”… »8/28/15 10:09am8/28/15 10:09am