Unpopular Opinion of the Day: Black Wheels

If you think that is what makes your car “badass” or “stealth,” then you’re inhabiting the same mental space your local actuary visits when he straps on spiked leathers and rips around on his straight piped harley. If you really wanted to blend in you’d leave your wheels silver. But now your whip is “murdered out”… » 8/28/15 10:09am Today 10:09am

Why do people with expensive cars drive badly?

Here’s the situation: I’m riding home from basketball, when a Maserati Quattroporte GTS (not unlike the one above) pulls up next to us. “Cool!” I thought. Immediately, the Maserati driver proceeded to cut us off. Luckily, he turned into a parking lot a few hundred feet later. Our encounter was over. » 8/25/15 5:24pm Tuesday 5:24pm