Autoart Mitsubishi Pajero Evolution: Review

Ever wondered what would happen if the company behind the legendary (but now-dead) Lancer Evolution line decided to go absolutely bonkers on a Pajero compact SUV? Well, the result is this - the Pajero Evolution. A fantastic little pocket rocket, this Mitsubishi conquered all sorts of terrains without breaking a sweat,… »11/02/15 7:39pm11/02/15 7:39pm

2015 Mustang GT Review (w/Short Film)

I am not a jaded automotive journalist. At least not yet. We don’t test supercars at RFD, we drive attainable–ideally interesting–cars that you might drive one day. Then, we you tell you what we think about them and if you should spend your hard earned money to purchase something similar. September marked Mustang… »10/23/15 8:29pm10/23/15 8:29pm

Tested: The New smart fortwo

Good morning everyone!!! What you’re about to witness is my pure, unedited joy from driving the new smart this weekend. Excuse the poor proofreading....I am at a loss for words. So join me as I try to find some words to describe my experience today and the possible future. »10/12/15 11:42am10/12/15 11:42am

Does the Chrysler Sebring Deserve the Reputation of Blandness?

The Chrysler Sebring has become a synonym of the worst thing a car can be: Completely bland. The Sebring is known as a car that commits the cardinal sin of having literally no character. Some cars are good. Some cars are bad. Some cars are ugly. But very few cars simply… exist, like the booths full of mannequin… »10/08/15 10:21pm10/08/15 10:21pm

The Audi S6 Will Very Politely Punch You Square in the Face

In my line of work, it’s easy to become jaded. The mind will eventually get used to anything, given enough exposure. This applies to everything from noise, to speed, to narcotics. Even the irreverent Dr. Hunter S Thompson got used to his own warped reality, in which the violence and substance abuse eventually became… »7/30/15 12:07am7/30/15 12:07am

2011 VW Jetta: The Oppositelock Review

2011 would prove to be a huge year for VW. The Jetta had undergone a full redesign and was “Americanized” to take on the Civic and Corolla; territory that really wasn’t explored by the Germans. It grew up in design, prioritized affordability, and lost much of its German charm. So, with a starting price of less than… »7/28/15 12:31pm7/28/15 12:31pm