The Audi S6 Will Very Politely Punch You Square in the Face

In my line of work, it’s easy to become jaded. The mind will eventually get used to anything, given enough exposure. This applies to everything from noise, to speed, to narcotics. Even the irreverent Dr. Hunter S Thompson got used to his own warped reality, in which the violence and substance abuse eventually became… » 7/30/15 12:07am 7/30/15 12:07am

2011 VW Jetta: The Oppositelock Review

2011 would prove to be a huge year for VW. The Jetta had undergone a full redesign and was “Americanized” to take on the Civic and Corolla; territory that really wasn’t explored by the Germans. It grew up in design, prioritized affordability, and lost much of its German charm. So, with a starting price of less than… » 7/28/15 12:31pm 7/28/15 12:31pm

The Subaru WRX: Because Sometimes I like to Drive Like an Asshole

Some cars are precision instruments, and require a delicate touch to elicit every iota of performance. The Subaru WRX is not one of these. In a world of scalpels, it is a hatchet. Some cars have you pick a laser precise racing line, delicately feathering the throttle as you tweak your steering angle. Not the WRX. Turn… » 7/25/15 1:03am 7/25/15 1:03am

I'm Better Than You, Because I'm Driving an S63.

There are luxury cars, then there are German luxury cars, then there is the Mercedes Benz S-Class. It is a monolithic brick of teutonic engineering. The S-Class is a car designed to place your comfort above all else. These days it seems that everyone’s interpretation of a luxury car is to try and beat the BMW M5 at… » 7/21/15 11:45pm 7/21/15 11:45pm

The Road Rash era - Used Bike Reviews

As a child growing up in the late 80’s and bridging all the way through the 90’s, I have vivid memories of motorcycles of that time period. Whether it was T.V. shows, movies, video games (Road Rash, anyone?) or just magazines, I was always found myself being drawn to these thrilling machines. Bright colors, slow… » 7/13/15 10:05am 7/13/15 10:05am

2015 Hyundai Sonata SE: Getting There, But Still A Ways To Go

Recently I had the opportunity to rent a 2015 Hyundai Sonata. Well, not initially. At first, the Enterprise rep (Tim) gave me a Chevy Tahoe because “that is the only vehicle we have available immediately.” Tim was pleased to report that the Tahoe was brand new, showing only a few hundred miles on the clock. And indeed… » 7/02/15 11:47am 7/02/15 11:47am

Jaguar XE Review - UK Drive EXCLUSIVE

But now for the real test.

What does it ride like?

Well, all the other reviews to date have only driven this in Spain, on pristine toll roads and around a race track…yes really…a race track?!

Taking it down some heavily rutted, pitted and pot holed B roads the XE doesn’t disappoint.

Even with our XE’s ‘Sport Suspension’…

» 5/30/15 1:07pm 5/30/15 1:07pm

2005 Honda Pilot: Such meh, much practical

The clock strikes midnight, your phone starts blowing up with happy birthday posts from people you probably don’t know, and you’re legally allowed to hit the road; not with your nosy father nor your scared mother, but by yourself. The days of not relying on anyone to take you places or taking the bus to school are… » 5/18/15 9:21am 5/18/15 9:21am