Russian Cop Drunk Drives into Drunk Cop Whose Car is Parked - what?

I went to Russia for a semester in college. Russians do indeed drink a lot. Plenty. There’s a great book called “Inside the Soviet Army” which recounts the tremendous problems with alcoholism in the ranks. Apparently this must be true for the Russian Police (мили́ция) as well. The Twitter feed from English Russia… »4/03/15 4:43pm4/03/15 4:43pm

Have a ZIL-49061 pic

Photos taken from this article and courtesy of NASA. There are more pictures to be had in the article, but I do need to include this one of the Soyuz capsule on the ground. Just in case you were wondering just how violent and hot a reentry is, here is what a space capsule looks like after landing. I wonder how long… »3/26/15 11:01am3/26/15 11:01am