Guys, Am I Crazy?

This thing has been on the 'Bay for a couple weeks now...and I look at it every day. It's the only one like it I've ever seen - only W221 I've ever seen with the 4 seat interior, and the only 65 I've seen in Jade of only a few W221s I've ever seen in that color. Also that interior is nice. Would like to… » 4/25/14 8:31pm 4/25/14 8:31pm

Head-On Collisions, Steve Jobs, and the 2014 Mercedes S-Class

There’s an old joke that goes something like this: Upon arriving home from work, a husband comes in the front door of his house and is immediately smothered by his loving wife.

“I’m so relieved you’re home safe!” she says into his ear, hugging and kissing him. “I was so worried for you. I saw a report on the news that… » 8/29/13 10:27am 8/29/13 10:27am

Watch a S65 tackle the 'Ring in super classy mode.

I love AMG for being a bit crazy and over the top. Who else would put a 6.2l V8 in a C-class? Of course the new S-class would get the treatment sooner or later, and pictured in the video above is the S65 AMG. Because a 550hp V8 S-class wasn't enough...

Instead a biturbo V12 is pushing the 2-ton car, and it works rather… » 8/27/13 8:25am 8/27/13 8:25am