2012 PaperMate Write Bros. 0.7 mm: The Oppo Review

Seeing as it’s that time of year again for all of us young Oppos to return to school, I decided to ‘celebrate’ by doing a review on a product used commonly among the thousands of students worldwide: the PaperMate Write Bros. Chances are, if you’re American, you’ve written with one of these pencils at least once. They… »8/20/15 8:44pm8/20/15 8:44pm

Can Anyone Offer Me Some High School Course Advice?

Well I'm going to be a senior next year. I am struggling with picking an English course to take. I want to know from you, which you prefer: AP Lit, AP Lang, or ENC 1101/1102? I don't really want to take basic English 4. The only reason I didn't do DE this year was I hated the teacher. Opinions and advice greatly… »2/03/15 9:50am2/03/15 9:50am

This Is One Reason I Hate School

We recently had to write an essay about whether or not we thought athletes made too much money. The teacher spent about a month teaching us formatting and the likes. I hated it. So I wrote my essay how I write normally and turned it in. On a scale of 1-6, my teacher gave me a 2. The county which then went and graded… »1/15/15 3:06pm1/15/15 3:06pm