I Guess the rules don't apply to bus drivers...

This is my sister's bus. Our times don't line up every day, but this happens virtually every time we do. She just rolls the stop sign and whenever I honk, I just get a look of "deal with it" from her. You'd expect more from a person hauling about 70 kids. I'm getting real tired of it. »4/06/15 10:36am4/06/15 10:36am


2003 Freightliner Thomas School Bus: The Opposite Lock Review

The school bus. A vehicle we all have spent hours of our lives on. This was the first step towards an education. A very frightening experience for any kindergartner. Walking up those three (then) big steps and entering this world of a (then) tall ceilinged vehicle full of blue seats and kids. »8/26/13 5:47pm8/26/13 5:47pm