WRC Sweden: Östberg fastest in Shakedown.

The second round of the WRC championship kicked of today in Sweden. WRC Sweden is the only event that consists of snow only, and therefore Michelin teams and the sole Pirelli car of Hennign Solberg are equipped with tiny spiked tires. Not loosing any of the spikes is going to be key as they provide insane amounts of… » 2/05/14 7:34am 2/05/14 7:34am

IndyCar / ALMS Crashes And RedBull F1 Tech Should Change Racing. But...

/ShakeDown on /DRIVE has Leo Parente, Mike Spinelli, and Ian Whalen discussing * How much Danger is enough in Racing , * If high-tech RedBull F1 KERS traction control and low-tech Pirelli tires will change GP rules, * If / When IndyCar will ever be relevant, again. Then, YOU comment. » 10/12/13 4:37pm 10/12/13 4:37pm