Tested: The New smart fortwo

Good morning everyone!!! What you’re about to witness is my pure, unedited joy from driving the new smart this weekend. Excuse the poor proofreading....I am at a loss for words. So join me as I try to find some words to describe my experience today and the possible future. »10/12/15 11:42am10/12/15 11:42am


Massive varied photodump of the cars I've spotted in Denver since moving

I work in Cherry Creek North, a pretty expensive area near downtown Denver, Colorado. I see interesting cars driving around this area all the time. Most of these photos are from Cherry Creek, but some are from other parts of the city. This is a roughly chronological photodump of what I've seen since moving here in… »11/05/14 4:40pm11/05/14 4:40pm