42 Is the Answer?

I listened to Musk’s talk about his fleet of Mars rockets. One thing he mentioned was the booster would have a cluster of 42 engines. 42 engines, on a booster that sounds like it will fly a few times a week. 42 engines worth of plumbing, 42 engines to inspect, 42 engines to keep healthy. I’m not sure if 42 is the…


I am slowly putting together my big post for the NASA Social event I attended last week. One of the things that caught my eye that was on display was this space shuttle tile from OV-099. More commonly know as Challenger. Glad to see it is still helping push science forward.



If I could ride/drive/fly anything past, present or future, I would go for riding a Saturn V. They say it was brutal compared to a lot of rockets. Not the crack you get from solid rockets, but lots of vibration and a feel of raw power. Must have been amazing.