The 7

Saw a reminder that Glenn was the last of the Mercury 7 to pass away. Such an amazing group of guys. Al, Gus, John, Wally, Scott, Gordo and Deke (did that from memory!). Here they are in survival training prior to their mission.   

Don't Drop It...

An aerial view of Shuttle Orbiter Enterprise being hoisted into Marshall’s Dynamic Test Stand for the Mated Vertical Ground Vibration test (MVGVT). The test on October 4, 1978 marked the first time ever that the entire Space Shuttle elements—an Orbiter, an External Tank (ET), and two Solid Rocket Boosters (SRB)—were…

42 Is the Answer?

I listened to Musk’s talk about his fleet of Mars rockets. One thing he mentioned was the booster would have a cluster of 42 engines. 42 engines, on a booster that sounds like it will fly a few times a week. 42 engines worth of plumbing, 42 engines to inspect, 42 engines to keep healthy. I’m not sure if 42 is the…



I am slowly putting together my big post for the NASA Social event I attended last week. One of the things that caught my eye that was on display was this space shuttle tile from OV-099. More commonly know as Challenger. Glad to see it is still helping push science forward.