The Secret Life of Walter Mitty: Oscar Worthy?

Since when did movies filled with comedic-bred casts become so subtly heavy and lighthearted at the same time, all whilst being overall more impressive than those big-budget dramatic thrillers? The Secret Life of Walter Mitty opens like many other mid-range movies trying to be taken serious, but then the Ben… »12/29/13 2:36pm12/29/13 2:36pm

It'd Be Really Easy For Me to Not Spoil F1 Results For Other People For A Few Days But I'm Going To Be a Dickbag Anyway And Spoil It Anyway Because I'm A Giant Dickbag, Also Known as a Sebastian Vettel

Seriously, folks. I get that this is a car website and that people are going to discuss F1 on here. I even like that. I've even been involved with those discussions since very early Sunday because I watched the race first thing in the morning. And I even avoided coming on Oppo before I watched the race so that it… »3/26/13 11:44am3/26/13 11:44am