Undercover Corvette nabs street racers

I know there's some TX2Kers around here so this should be good. The Harris County sheriff's department (that's Houston for you Yankees) used a deputy's Corvette C7 Stingray equipped with the Performance Data Recorder to catch street racers in the act on March 20 — the same weekend the TX2K event was in town. » 4/08/15 11:22am 4/08/15 11:22am

I Drove The 2014 Stingray To Arizona For BBQ Sauce Because, 'Murica.

The Horny Toad in Cave Creek,AZ is home to the best BBQ sauce in the world and it's only a short 7.5 hour drive from Los Angeles. Their sauce isn't sold online and they don't ship it, so unless you know someone who lives there who's willing to go and get it for you, there's only one way to get it, drive a brand new… » 3/16/14 2:58pm 3/16/14 2:58pm