The Subaru WRX: Because Sometimes I like to Drive Like an Asshole

Some cars are precision instruments, and require a delicate touch to elicit every iota of performance. The Subaru WRX is not one of these. In a world of scalpels, it is a hatchet. Some cars have you pick a laser precise racing line, delicately feathering the throttle as you tweak your steering angle. Not the WRX. Turn… » 7/25/15 1:03am Saturday 1:03am

The Galloping Goose goes home... (Part II)

Happy 4th of July! As the holiday weekend took hold we realized it was best to head for a lessor known part of these mountains. I had something special in mind for tonight so I wanted to make sure we found a great spot without RV’s, crowds, generators or generally anyone nearby.

The Alpine Loop is a must do if you’re… » 7/20/15 1:34pm 7/20/15 1:34pm

Subaru advice(head gasket) 

I’m looking into buying a subaru but am worried about the head gasket issues. The one in particular is a 2000 with the 2.5 DOHC NA engine. It had the timing belt done at 80,000 so and currently has 135,000 so I should have a couple of years left on that timing belt but my other main concern is the head gasket issues.… » 7/07/15 12:41pm 7/07/15 12:41pm

One More For Now

This is my new car. I bought it January 1st for $500, missing the bumper, passenger side front fender, transmission, and some other little bits. The hood was smashed, and the passenger side headlight support was bent out of shape. I got a bunch of junkyard parts and put it back together. Finally got it drive able in… » 7/07/15 11:36am 7/07/15 11:36am