Pedestrian Safety, Streetcars, and 1970's Subaru Experiments.

If you look at old photos of streetcars, you will often see many of them fitted with a “fender” a grate like apparatus jutting out in front of the streetcar. If somebody ran out in front of the streetcar they would be knocked over by and fall on top of the fender - instead of getting run over by the tram’s wheels.… »8/31/15 3:16pmMonday 3:16pm

An Oppo On Vacation - Asheville, NC

Last week, I went to Asheville, NC for some much needed vacation time with the family. As usual, I had packed up my trusty old Nikon D5100 for some great picture taking, and again as usual, I forgot it at the house and had to rely solely on my iPhone for taking pictures... So, getting in to Asheville and it’s… »8/18/15 11:31am8/18/15 11:31am

Future Used Car Review: 2015 Subaru Impreza 2.0i

Of all the new car reviews I’ve had to write, this one was the most difficult. It’s hard for me to be objective when it comes to Subarus because I’ve owned six of them. Every time I think I’ve moved on from the brand, I see a picture of a tastefully modified bugeye WRX (they exist), or I start daydreaming about the… »8/04/15 2:00pm8/04/15 2:00pm

Recommend me a first forced-induction daily driver

My trusty ‘98 Subaru Legacy wagon is creeping up to 230,000 miles and I’ve noticed oil consumption trending upwards and fuel economy trending downwards for a few months now. As some point in the not too distant future (next Sunday AD) I will need to replace it with something a few years newer and with significantly… »7/31/15 6:03pm7/31/15 6:03pm

The Subaru WRX: Because Sometimes I like to Drive Like an Asshole

Some cars are precision instruments, and require a delicate touch to elicit every iota of performance. The Subaru WRX is not one of these. In a world of scalpels, it is a hatchet. Some cars have you pick a laser precise racing line, delicately feathering the throttle as you tweak your steering angle. Not the WRX. Turn… »7/25/15 1:03am7/25/15 1:03am