2017 FR-S Power Bump to 210hp and Improved Handling

Haven’t seen this talked about on Jalopnik or Oppo, but has anyone else read this? This is coming from Motoring in Australia (who have been known to be fairly accurate with info) that the FR-S will get a model refresh and slight power bump to 210hp and 159tq up from 200hp and 151tq, Accomplished by reducing friction… » 5/26/15 10:07am Tuesday 10:07am

Launch Control Season 3 Starts... NOW!

Following two challenging years of development, Subaru Rally Team USA puts everything they learned into new cars based on the 2015 Subaru WRX STI platform. Can the new sedan continue the winning streak for Higgins and Drew in the Rally America series? Will it bring more outright wins in Global Rallycross? It’s time to… » 5/20/15 10:16am 5/20/15 10:16am

Subaru WRC gearbox change

Have a video of a Subaru WRC demonstration showing the replacement of the transmission. The video lasts 5:06, though they don’t quite have it completed by the end of the video. The transmission is back in, but I’m not sure that they have all the connections done when the video ends. Video quality isn’t great and you… » 4/23/15 4:32pm 4/23/15 4:32pm

This Is The Slowest 6-Speed, AWD, Supercharged Subaru Ever Built

The Subaru Sambar was introduced in 1961 as Japan’s first Keitora (軽トラ) or kei class truck. This fifth generation Sambar is a long way from the original 2-cylinder powered version, but it still puts the motor behind the rear wheels and offers a surprising amount of versatility for its overall dimensions while… » 4/21/15 1:36pm 4/21/15 1:36pm