Why Are Automakers Making Supercars Into Cartoons?

Not necessarily "cartoons," but the lines and perceived animation of some new supercars are becoming less sensual and seductive. They've turned to more electric lines carrying more childlike angry or excited faces.

Take the R8 for example. Upon first release, the car was about smooth, yet fast lines; a serious, yet… »3/31/15 1:00pm3/31/15 1:00pm

Here Is How The One Percent Of The One Percent Like To Have Fun

We team up again! Jalopnik fan, photographer extraordinaire, Jason and I have undertaken the utterly challenging work of showing up at a place where exotic supercar owners come together and race so that you can sit at home, drink a hot cup of coffee, and enjoy the beauty of these extravagant, magnificent machines. »3/01/15 11:46am3/01/15 11:46am