AgustaWestland Tiltrotor Prototype Has Crashed Killing Two

After departing from Vergiate in Italy, witness report the vertical lift aircraft caught fire shortly after takeoff before crashing. Two pilots onboard have been confirmed dead. Both occupants are employees for AgustaWestland, one Italian and the other American identified as Pietro Venanzi, 53 years of Sesto Calende… »10/30/15 1:31pm10/30/15 1:31pm

Car industry 'buried report revealing US car safety flaws': US models less safe than EU ones.

The major study was commissioned by the car industry to show that existing EU and US safety standards were broadly similar. But the research actually established that American models are much less safe when it comes to front-side collisions, a common cause of accidents that often result in serious injuries.

»9/24/15 9:30am9/24/15 9:30am