Holy crap, that Ferrari crash was crazier than I thought

The other day I posted a video of Jim Booth getting his 458 up into the catch fence heading down to Turn 5 at Road America over the weekend (search “Ferraris: They’re not just for burning anymore”). CCR Ferrari Challenge has released a video showing other camera angles, and the crash is far crazier than even the video… » 7/02/15 2:24pm 7/02/15 2:24pm

Watch (and Hear) the McLaren F1 GTR Stretch its Legs

The McLaren F1 GTR is the king. But because the legendary triple-seater has nothing to prove, seeing one driven at speed on a track is a fairly rare opportunity. Fortunately, the chassis that raced at Le Mans in 1996 (and finished 8th) is still maintained by the BMWUSA Classic collection—and gets flogged now and again… » 6/09/15 5:57pm 6/09/15 5:57pm

Crowdfunding - Miniature Engine Project

There’s a new crowdfunding project for a complete model kit of an engine, focusing on precision for modellists, collectors and car enthusiasts like we are. All parts are miniaturized versions of real parts, so the building process of this model is the same as a real engine, and the clear engine block allows the… » 5/19/15 12:38pm 5/19/15 12:38pm